Tip: Address Your Business Mailings with “Current Resident”

26 Sep

Postage on a package

Have you done a large mailing and found that much of your mail was returned to you undeliverable? Or worse yet, have you mailed bulk rate and no mail was returned to you, but you didn’t see much of a response either? It’s very likely that had something to do with the addressing of your mailpiece.

Undeliverable bulk rate mail will not be returned to you unless you pay for the service. First Class mail will be forwarded for one year, after which time the mail will be returned to the sender. In each case, you could be losing money on postage.

Sometimes it’s not important that your mailpiece reaches a specific customer, just that it reaches an address. One way to do this is to use a generic title such as “Postal Customer” or “Occupant” or “Resident,” rather than a name, plus the complete address. This ensures that the mailpiece is delivered to the address of mailing without the cost of the postage going down the drain if the person it was addressed to has moved.

For more addressing tips, visit the USPS website.


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