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Where did all of your new Facebook friends come from all of a sudden?


So Facebook has always told you the friend limit is 5000. But now all of a sudden you have 5500 friends!. How can that be? Well, some of your friends have chosen to deactivate their accounts but FB has now decided to count them as friends anyway. Now you can’t add any more friends until you’re back under the 5000 limit, but you don’t want to delete the friends you currently have, right?

Well, here’s the EASY, BUT TIME CONSUMING FIX: You can scroll through your friend list and see which friends have no profile pic, click on their name and the screen below will pop up which says they have deactivated their profile, then you can choose to unfriend them by clicking on “unfriend **name**”.

Obviously I had some time to kill and did about 100 today…will work on some more another time. 😉


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